A moment of calm in a social media storm

Slow down, you move too fast
You got to make the morning last
Just kicking down the cobble stones
Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy

I found myself at the sea again today, sea-softened pebble stones under my feet.  Immersing myself in the cool churning water it felt beautiful to just have space.  The wind murmured ‘restore’ to me.  The sun kissed my face.

My brain finds it terribly easy to run on warp speed.  It’s kind of why psychosis crept up on me ten years ago.  I often jump from one stream of thought to another, films and music intertwine, I get incredibly passionate about politics one minute and suddenly realise I’m in tears about the Kids in Crisis programme I watched last week.

I think social media is tricky for a brain like this.  Especially Twitter.  It’s been an interesting insight into how overworked my brain becomes now that I’m spending a month campaigning hard on social media.  Sea swims and extended screen breaks are going to be really important.  A period of more intense busyness makes me look forward to the gap year even more. Come July 29th I’ll be clicking an all important button – ‘delete’ on my Twitter account.

Sea swimming

Today I choose

Rock shoes, bikini and towel

Down jacket ready to shield me from the wind

Pack a bag, set my mind to it

Choose to awaken the senses

Watch the waves in their sets of three

Feel the stones tumbling in the breakers

Push out beyond

A perfect few minutes in the wild

Peace beyond the crashing shoreline

Rise up on a wave

Scramble back to shore

Choose to feel alive again