A Last Hoorah!

I can finally let the cat out of the bag!  For a few weeks now, I’ve known that the charity I’m a trustee of – Action on Postpartum Psychosis – are one of 7 finalists in the National Lottery Awards.  Voting officially opened today!

For me personally, the timing is just amazing.  My gap year officially begins in September and with a heavy heart I had decided that I would step down for a year as trustee.  It feels wonderful to have a month now of public voting where I can put my heart and soul into supporting this wonderful charity – and maybe, just maybe, see public awareness of Postpartum Psychosis go through the roof if we win.

Before Eldest was born, I had no idea that Postpartum Psychosis existed.  No baby books covered it, it wasn’t mentioned in antenatal classes and even when I began to have symptoms it was difficult to get health professionals to listen to what was going on.  Ten years on and the women I meet through Action on Postpartum Psychosis have exactly the same experiences. Something needs to change.  The National Lottery Awards offer a prime time slot on BBC1 if we win, and an unprecedented opportunity to tell people about what this illness really is, how devastating it can be – but so importantly that with the right support, families can and do recover.

Today I’m asking you if you would share this blog as widely across the world as you can – and most importantly, PLEASE VOTE FOR US HERE

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Matte red lipstick

Pointed flats

Masking the trepidation within

Champagne flutes, prosecco

Intense spring sun in the courtyard

We are here to celebrate



Beautiful scars

We tell stories, tears flow

In all of us lives an intimate knowledge of loss

Here in this safe harbour

We are strengthened again

To face the open sea