Life through a polarizing lens,

Contrast intensified

Darkness, darker.  Deeper

Pulling me under the water

Colour (and some may say)

Beauty heightened

Sunset full of the Spirit’s kiss

The clouds portent

Perhaps a storm is coming


This poem is something of a meditation on the diagnostic label versus the experience of bipolar disorder (if in fact that’s a thing)


Meditation on a conker


Alien in form

Clinging, gnarled and spiked, to the tree-branch

Deep softness of silk within

We looked inside when you were just a teardrop seed

Now your skin is hardened, polished


Smooth and cold in our palms

Treasure of autumn slipped into our pockets





Outstretched arms tanned by the peaty water

Bracelets of sunlight gold

Caress of swaying reeds

IMG_0002.JPGThe fells slumbering giants


Rain-mist falling on closed eyelids

IMG_0001Deep stillness


Upturned clouds in the water

The only sound the ripple of each stroke








Mother & daughter


We share the same hands

Elegant fingers

Nails so tough they’re brittle

One ruby-encrusted, one with a single sapphire

One as yet unadorned

Except for the chipped plum nail varnish

Our hands have

Brushed away tears

Smashed stained-glass windows

Thrown broken heart pebbles

Coloured and stitched

Finger painted and planted seeds

Sliced and stirred a thousand recipes

Held on tightly

Held tightly on to each other



Night Swimming

Sun sinks pink and amber into the horizon

Pale moonrise beyond the cliffs

Duck-dive just to feel the cold exhilaration of sea-salt tangled hair

Sea, moon, you and I

Thank you, beautiful world and

Thank you, swimming companion –

A friend through ebb and flow


Flat, still sea blends softly into the horizon

Tingling hands, catching breath

Coolness and deep surround

The sea, the sky, and I
Run gasping into the breaker spray

Full of power the sea pulls us

Tumble of white

Icy cold exhilaration
Skin pricked with goosebumps

Delicious salt-sting as I pat with my towel

Quickly into my down jacket

Smoothed stones & hot mint tea

Give thanks to the sea

On Dignitas and New Shoes

A poem inspired by the film Me Before You

Alpine light filters through a gauzy curtain

A final pressing of lips to lips

Breath to breath

Our teardrops salty mingle

A sip of water

Seductive in its simplicity

But in truth the agony becomes yours

Instead of mine

It’s not as simple as new shoes

But I’ll walk in them today

By your side

Heels click-clacking

Arches aching hot

Beauty and pain like it’s always been

I won’t leave.

Death: is it your right to choose?

Straw man

Blood streaked babe in the straw

As your mother looked tenderly on

Did she know that you would become a Man of Sorrows

Acquainted with grief?

Did she wonder at the myrrh for anointing

Your broken body

Today I am grateful that you too walked my dusty, grit-strewn path

You became humbled

For a greater Love