The One with The List

Spoiler alert: this probably has something to do with Jung

So, all ten seasons of Friends are on Netflix.  Eldest has been seriously binge-watching and we’ve caught a few episodes of 90’s nostalgia with her.


For some reason, my brain was having an absolute party last night while I was trying to get to sleep.  I thought it might be fun to imagine my thoughts as the different characters from Friends.  Unfortunately this succeeded in keeping me a little more awake thinking about writing a blog… but it made me chuckle.  If I knew more about Jung I’d probably be able to identify my Ego and host of unconscious others.  But here is a glimpse into my brain anyway through the medium of Friends.

Cast (and their raison d’etre)

Monica: attention to detail

Ross: self-pity

Joey: various appetites

Rachel: pick me! me, me, me

Phoebe: wild swimming and thinking about mythical creatures

Chandler: criticism and sarcasm

Episode 3: The One with The List

It’s 1:00 am and the Friends are gathered in Monica’s apartment.  They are trying to settle down for the night.  Rachel has her duvet and pillow on the sofa, Joey is resting his head in Phoebe’s lap and Monica, Ross and Chandler are drinking cocoa at the table.

Monica: I know what we could do, seeing as we’re awake anyway – let’s make a list, a list would be really helpful for figuring out what we need to do for our training courses in six weeks’ time!

Rachel: Seriously, Mon? Some of us are trying to get some beauty sleep here

Monica: But once we’ve made the list I’m sure we’ll all feel much better, and maybe we’ll be more sleepy too!  We’ll have made sure we don’t forget anything… Or… we could clean the kitchen?

Chandler (imitates Monica sarcastically): “Tidy house, tidy mind”

Rachel (smooths her pillow): I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not moving from this spot

Phoebe: Ooh, I wonder what swimming spot will be best tomorrow?

All: Phoebs!!

Ross: I seriously don’t know if I’m going to be swimming tomorrow… my back is so tight.  There’s no way I’m sleeping while my muscles are so tenses.  Hey Phoebs, can you come over and just massage right into my neck there?

Monica: This is getting us nowhere, I really think we should just go back to the list

Joey: Isn’t anyone else hungry? I really need pizza! Come on, guys, we’ve been awake so long since dinner time! Now Monica, there’s a list you can make – our pizza order (smiles cheekily)

Rachel (jabs her finger): Right that’s it you guys! I’m going to my own room with my soft sheets and my double duvet and I’d better not hear any more bickering from you.

All: Night Rach

Rachel brushes her hair in the mirror, shoves a pair of ear plugs in and feigns sleep

Chandler: Yeah right, like we’re gonna miss throwing a kitchen party without Rach!

Monica rolls her eyes and gets out a pen and paper



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