A word in season: feel

I’ve been given so many opportunities to feel this last few weeks.

Grateful for the impossibly warm, amber sunlight that ushered me home after a long day at work.


Deeply cared for when a beautifully illustrated Wild Swim book arrived on my doorstep.  A friend in Sheffield had taken the time to wrap it in soft paper and string, and attach a small leaf.


Encouraged by a tentative visit to a school for children with additional needs… A pizza oven, a fire-pit, chickens and rabbits to feed.  Apprehensive too, about the process and whether the Education Authority will agree that Little One may need specialist provision.  But we have time.

Excited for the next milestone in Eldest’s life – her twelfth birthday.  The party is a reflection of her spreading wings… A train journey with friends, pooling their pocket money for a shopping trip.  Meeting up at Gourmet Burger Kitchen (of course husband and I will be on a different table)

Joy in my beautiful, precious new niece.  The peace of sitting with her in my arms for a feed, the memory of bottle feeding my own girls and often feeling so far from myself.  This time I was right in the moment, wrapped up in love, secure in the fact that I actually was, and continue to be a good mum.  Now I have the chance to be a loving auntie too.

Relief for my blogging mentor.  A brush with Oncology did not lead down the road we might have feared… I’m so thankful for her.

Eldest and I have a phrase, “it’s okay to feel all the feels” – maybe you could take some time to reflect on how you are feeling this season?



5 thoughts on “A word in season: feel

  1. What a lovely post, full of appreciation for the small and beautiful and inspiring things in life, along with the hard and scary things. And that is what life is, a mixture of experiences and emotions that help us be more compassionate and authentic toward others, when we take the time to notice. Nicely done 🙂

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