End of term raggedy-edged children; filling up the diary for the Autumn term; chasing endless invoices.  All of these things are soothed by moments of pause.

Pause to soothe my body and mind in the sea.  Ever-changing, some days aquamarine from the top of the hill and so clear when I swim that I can see my shadow on the pebbles beneath.  Some days lifting and lowering me in the swell, clouded with red silt. Other days vigorously powerful, a mass of white foam and tumbling stones.

Pause to settle into a child’s pace for a while.  Peep from the double doors in the kitchen to watch Little One delighting in blowing bubbles in the garden.  Lie for a while on Eldest’s bed, look up at the home-made lampshade and feel the beat of her music pulsing from the stereo.

Pause to read a novel.  Switch off the world, the internet, the television.  Rest my head on my husband’s shoulder.  Sip a glass of wine.  Stay still for long enough to let the words of a blog take form.

soap bubbles into the sunset with beautiful bokeh.close-up



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