God of no gender: part 2

I’ve spent a very humbling couple of weeks catching up on the BBC3 Queer Britain series. One of the early episodes was entitled “Does God hate Me?”


You may want to look away now if you consider yourself a conservative evangelical.  The programme highlighted just some of the pain and shunning that gay and transgender people of faith had experienced.  The more and more I thought about this episode, the more I realised that in my original post I had still separated God into the dichotomous genders and of ‘male’ and ‘female’.  How much could I blow the conservative mind if I were to say that the word “intergender” may actually best describe God?

I’m heartened to see churches like Steve Chalke’s Oasis Church in Waterloo leading the way in the UK in an open, inclusive, intelligent and thoughtful approach to theology and its application to issues of sexuality and gender.  We have a lot to learn.



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