inner critic

My inner critic seems to have a field-day with me after work events that I feel passionate about.  I’m not even really sure if I want to lay this bare, but maybe these black words on a white screen will resonate with someone else, like me, who needs a reminder to bring kindness back to the unkindness they find inside.


“Give someone else some space to talk

You overshare

Self-obsessed, self-important

Dominating the room, so eager to share your viewpoint

You consider yourself an expert?

You’re nowhere near

You’ll have to learn to shut up before you can truly support someone else”


Kindness today means saying hello to my inner critic and recognising her for who she is. Telling her that I know some of her observations may be grounded in truth.  

Telling her I trust that in my working future there will be people – a supervisor, a therapist, a friend – who can gently guide me in finding the balance of listening and sharing. Kindness today means switching off my phone and its Twitter feed from the day, helping my Eldest daughter to make brownies, kissing my Little One to sleep. Watching a documentary about whales and crying about the mass stranding on the beach, letting the tears fall for all kinds of different reasons.




2 thoughts on “Comedown

    1. I think the honest answer is… I hope so but I’m still second guessing myself! I think part of the post-event vulnerability is that I’m sharing learning about such a profoundly life changing experience


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