The wisdom of a cushion

April has been a testing month at times. Challenges have come and gone in lots of different aspects of life.  For a little while I had a blog post entitled ‘parenting on the edge’ formulating in my mind! Maybe I’ll still write it some day…


One of my first tasks of the day in my support worker role is to ‘wake up’ my friend’s living room. I let the light in as I open the curtains, I fold blankets and straighten the beautiful sofa cushions. Next to the hand-knitted yellow cushion is a simple cotton cushion that reads “Do small things with great love”.

I’ve been musing on the cushion a lot this month.  I’ve been finding myself at my happiest when doing the small things. Trying to do the big, scary things (like training courses) perfectly gets overwhelming.  But with the wisdom of the cushion I can remind myself to do a small thing, like encourage a participant with an affirming smile.

I can do a small thing like change Little One’s toilet-training accidents, with great love.  It might seem like such a small thing to be packing spare knickers and jersey trousers into a schoolbag, but for us it’s a huge, incredible step forward.

I sometimes feel I can only do such small things to protect and support Eldest as she walks through this horrible bullying at school…  But I can talk to the headteacher with great love, rather than demanding punishment or exclusion of the child involved.  I can let my fierce love for my child motivate me to keep doing the small things that help her feel safe.  Cups of tea, late-night cuddles in our bed, sitting at the end of her bed reading a chapter of “Divergent”, baking together.

The wisdom of a cushion has kept me going, kept me grounded this month.  I’m realising just how important the small things are, as they contain the greatest love not just for others, but for myself.  Small things allow me to be limited, to not have all the answers, but to know that I am loving greatly nonetheless.



One thought on “The wisdom of a cushion

  1. Brilliant – sometimes it hard to appreciate small things but they are what big things are made of and enable us a go!
    Thanks for reminding me about small things!

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