If in doubt, make soup

I’ve been spending some time in the company of my colour-coded weekly plan.  While I was in hospital, the Occupational Therapists shared with me a useful pie-chart comprising work-related activity, leisure and self-care.  I added the category ‘mum time’ and got to work producing my own colour version.  Red for work-related activity, green for self-care, pale blue for leisure, dark blue for mum-time.  It transported me right back to revising for my A-levels with coloured biros in hand.  I have a pack of beautiful coloured fine liners which were a gift from a friend for my hospital stay.  Colouring in tiny butterflies gradually made way to writing a wish list for my reinvented gap year.

One of the things I learned in hospital was that I need more time in my own company.  My weekly plan comprises busy mornings to encourage me out of bed, and more quiet reflective afternoons to recharge my batteries before collecting the girls from school.  More often than not, you’ll find me chopping vegetables with the radio on, making a soffrito ready for the addition of stock, pulses and more vegetables.  There’s something soothing and reassuring about stirring a big batch of wholesome soup with a wooden spoon.  If I’m ever in doubt about how to spend one of my quiet afternoons, I make soup.

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