What happens after a hiatus?

The Black Dog grew bigger and heavier.  Soon enough he was the size of a small pony, heavy on her chest.  She could hardly breathe.  He slobbered in her face every morning, waiting for attention.

“Somehow” she thought “there has to be a way to shrink him back down.”  He followed her everywhere, digging in his paws as she walked the children to school.  He enticed her back to bed where she could be enveloped in his Black, Heavy scent.

People sent cards and colouring pens, they spoke out prayers and wishes for Small Dog days.  Slowly and gradually, he was shrinking.  She ran along woodland paths and he bounded beside her, but he was flagging.  She ran and ran and thought about Freedom.

Now there was freedom, and space.  “Too much space” she said, and made a list.  A new list of ways to shrink the dratted Black Dog down to the size of a woodlouse.

  • Host an Art Group at my house once a week
  • Run whenever I’m lonely
  • Book a different person in for coffee every week
  • Blow more bubbles for Little One
  • Bake more cakes with Eldest
  • Escape to a Yurt with Gallant Husband
  • Cook more soup
  • Volunteer at the Children’s Centre
  • Take pink pills, red pills and two kinds of white pills

After a few weeks, the dog was small enough to fit in her hand.  He didn’t look so threatening from there.  She put him in a tin on the kitchen shelf.  “I’ll remember I can shrink you” she said to herself.



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