Les plaisirs

August gave us a truly wonderful start to the gap year in the form of two weeks in France.  The simple, beautiful pleasures of time spent together and time shared with friends.  Cycling with Eldest to the crest of a hill to enjoy the vista of a sunset over the ridge.  Sitting in a hammock with Little One just watching butterflies flit from one tiny flower head to another.  Tomatoes filled with the taste of sunshine.  Cooking up a storm with Gallant Husband and seeing all our friends and their kids enjoying the feast.  Feeling my body slice through cold, crystal clear river water when I jumped in from the rocks.

We returned from France with full hearts and stocked our fridge with amazing cheese!  But I have to be honest, I have really struggled this week.  I hadn’t banked on how much I was going to miss both my girls.  It’s a new season of finding the pleasures of life that I can enjoy on my own, and I definitely haven’t got it all figured out yet.  I’ve missed the easy company of my family. But today I swam in the sea, wind and waves bringing me back to life.  The sun was glorious and the sky stretched out above me.  There are new adventures to be had… I just need to be a bit brave.


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