I have this identity as a ‘Professional Service User’.  Recently I realised I need to give her a sabbatical.  For almost ten years now I’ve been involved in campaigning, training and writing about perinatal mental health and it’s been so rewarding.  The people I have met are some of the most inspiring, strong and beautiful people.  But it’s time for a break.  The good girl gap year is about me, my girls and Gallant Husband.  It feels exciting and a little daunting to have this space to reignite the other facets of my identity.

I had a look back at the inspiration list my Facebook friends helped me to write for the gap year.  So far I’ve ticked off surfing lessons, artwork, yoga on the beach and wild swimming.  In progress is fitness and ‘renovating a building’ – the girls’ rooms have been pretty neglected over the last four years and I’m beginning to work towards redecorating them.  The art workshop I recently attended at the stunning Coombe Farm Studios has helped me to reconnect with my inner artist and I’m looking forward to doing some more painting and lino cuts.

So line up Artist, Baker, Mother, Interior Designer, Runner and Yogi – it’s your year to explore…

Motherhood at home Motherhood & meds


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