Bank holiday weekend was wonderful.  I’m tentatively hopeful that I made the right move with my meds, there’s a feeling of ‘the old me’ returning.  Enthusiasm and hope feel stirred again, it’s such a relief.

I took the girls to Saunton Sands beach while Gallant Husband cycled there to meet us.  Eldest enjoyed the freedom of popping to the beach shops on her own, clutching some spending money.  She came back with a tiny sculpture of two dolphins riding a wave for me, and a mermaid doll for her sister complete with a hairbrush and fish companion.  Little One loved combing the mermaid’s hair and putting her in the rock pools to swim.

Gallant Husband arrived just in time to give Little One lunch whilst Eldest and I grabbed our wetsuits, stretched them on and headed for the waves.  Eldest had her new scorpion bodyboard and the gently sloping beach meant we could practice manoeuvring the boards in fairly shallow water.  Once we were waist deep the waves had enough power to give us some really good rides.  We practised jumping onto the bodyboards at just the right moment.  Twice we caught a wave together and found ourselves gliding side-by side, laughing and smiling into each others’ eyes as the wave bubbled underneath our boards. Eldest used to say when she was a little girl that she wanted to be a mermaid when she grew up.  It was brilliant to have our very own mermaid moment in the waves that day.  I’m hoping for many more as we head into summer.

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