The power of company

Things have been a bit Bad Brain recently… I’m going to chat through some medication options including going back to a previous mood stabiliser (better the devil you know) with my GP hopefully on Monday. There’s mood stabilisation and then there’s being zonked until you feel as flat as a pancake that’s been driven over by a steamroller!

So it was a bit touch and go whether we would get away to South Devon this weekend to visit friends. I’m really glad that I’m beginning to learn from previous Bad Brain periods that avoiding social contact can feel comfy but is really detrimental.  The weekend was brilliant, just what we all needed.  A glass or two of a zingy Marlborough, and friends who we could be really honest with.  Four fantastic girls for our two to play with, a garden stacked with a trampoline, flying fox, rope swings and a bonfire.  A couple of miles run in the morning in a wooded glade.  Eldest had a swim in the sea in her new wetsuit, and we picnicked on a shingle beach – who cares if it’s grey and windy!  There is power in company, the beauty of nature and life spent outdoors.

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