The joy of the transient

In the spirit of wabi-sabi I decided to really pay attention to transient and simple beauty today.

Eldest One calling me in to her room in a flurry of excitement because two daffodils had opened in her flower arrangement. The taste of maple syrup on little jewels of raspberry with crisp, fluffy pancakes.  Little One proudly smiling as she gave me a card adorned with tissue paper flowers.  The slowly disappearing heart shape traced into the milk and chocolate on my cappuccino.


While running along the quayside, I tried tuning out that internal voice which says I really need to stop now and to focus on the natural world around me.  The first sprinkling of white blossom on a tree poking through the pedestrian bridge.  Silvery ripples traced in the water behind a swan.  Daisies just beginning to peep open in the grass.  The feeling of the icy wind on my cheeks.

A very peaceful way to enjoy a run – maybe it is going to be an important part of my gap year after all.

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