Phase 1: surf trip

I have to admit to being really overwhelmed by the response when I first floated the idea of the good girl gap year on Facebook.

If I were to take a ‘good girl gap year’ (i.e. forget about my career and just live it up for a bit) what would you recommend I should try*? And should I write a blog?

*Illegal substances may not be a good idea for someone with my brain.

One of the first things that happened is that a few of my female friends expressed real enthusiasm for joining me on some surf lessons.  It felt like something I should just run with (before I bottled it) and immediately Polzeath came to mind.

This gorgeous barn conversion came up on Airbnb and I discovered I am really not patient enough to wait 24 hours for an answer!  I also found my brain filling up with worries that risked drowning out the excitement of just booking on the fly…

  • what if it’s too cold in the water?
  • do I really deserve this trip?
  • what if there’s no waves?
  • is this just a really stupid experiment?

Fortunately in the nick of time we had our answer; a smaller cottage in the same development was available so I went ahead and booked.  Yes I do really deserve this trip (I tell my brain) – hot tub, woodburner and all.

Inspiration from

p.s. the water temperature today was 8-9 degrees celsius so we almost certainly will be cold but we’ll be having an adventure for sure!

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