Facebook, friends and fun

I love the way my FB friends have got behind the burgeoning idea of a good girl gap year.  Here, in alphabetical order are all the inspiring ideas I’ve been sent so far…

Allotment, baking, ballet class, biking with the trailer, clothes making, cycle LEJOG, dance – really DANCE, family adventure, family tree, find the best coffee in Devon, fitness, floristry, gardening, get a dog, hire a camper van, knitting, languages, lindy hop, meditate, micro adventures, MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses), narrow boat, Open University, paddlesurf, patchwork, play an instrument, prayer retreat, produce a play, renovate a building, rollerblade, run a festival, sewing, slack lining, sleep under the stars, surfing, travelling, triathlon, unicycle, upholstery, walk the SW coast path, wild swimming, wing suit flying, write a book, yoga on the beach

I have to admit this list kind of petrifies me and makes my heart leap at the same time.  Let’s see how many of them I can try over the coming months*

Officially, I’m guessing the ‘gap year’ starts after the summer holidays, as I’m continuing to work part time until then to save up. However, it’s such a different way of living that my hunch is I need to start practising now, more to follow about Phase 1 and the surf trip


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