The backdrop in numbers

Thirteen A grades

One BSc (Hons) first class

Nine months of work before leaving my first career

Two children

Two episodes of postpartum psychosis

Ten sessions of ECT

I’ve lost count of episodes of anxiety and depression

225mg Venlafaxine, 5mg Aripiprazole

39 years on the planet

Half a life-changing pizza…

2 thoughts on “The backdrop in numbers

  1. Fantastic achievements! Such a shame the anxiety and more. My 24yr old son suffers with severe anxiety and I am trying to learn all I can to help him. So I am more aware of what anxiety actually means now. Before I think I was like a lot of others who thought it could just be ‘got over’ I’m sad to say. Depression….the beast we have to learn to tame but it is truly the king isn’t it.


  2. Your son will be so grateful that you are learning all you can. Support from my family has been such a life line for me. I hope he is doing OK at the moment?


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